Why You Should Always Use Genuine Holden Replacement Parts

Posted on: 1 October 2014

When you need to make some repairs to your Holden vehicle, you may be tempted to use generic brand parts for replacement. This can be a mistake for many reasons. Using genuine Holden replacement parts is always a better choice, no matter the part or accessory that needs replacing. Consider a few reasons why that is.

1. Genuine parts are designed to fit each vehicle specifically

The fit of a part may not seem like an important consideration, but this can affect your vehicle repair in more ways than one. If parts do not fit properly, they are more likely to come loose over time, and you may need to replace them yet again. Parts that don't fit can also cause other types of damage to your car, for example, improperly fitted brake pads can cause excessive wear on the brake rotors. A replacement windshield that doesn't fit properly can allow for water leaks into the car's body.

In some cases a poorly fitting part can even compromise a car's safety. Your airbag sensors may not properly sense a collision if the front bumper or the replacement windshield are not properly fitted, and they may not deploy as they should. This in turn can compromise your safety and the safety of your passengers and is a very important reason to consider using genuine parts.

2. Genuine parts are typically designed better and tested more thoroughly

Genuine parts are typically designed by the engineers who work for a car company specifically, and these parts go through more rigorous testing than most generic or off-brand parts. Genuine accessories and other parts are designed for new vehicles and to last for years, and they go through many safety and performance checks before being used on the factory line. Generic and off-brand parts are not typically given these same types of tests and may not be of such high quality. In turn they may not last as long or perform as well and may need to be replaced again down the road.

3. Genuine parts may have a more comprehensive warranty

Because genuine Holden parts, like from American Auto Parts Pty Ltd, are designed to last longer and perform better, they typically come with a more generous warranty. This can cover the cost of repairs or a replacement if a part should fail, or you may be able to get your money back if the part doesn't last. You typically don't have this type of warranty with a generic part or may find that generic parts don't offer a warranty that is as generous or comprehensive.

Consider these reasons why it's always good to choose genuine replacement parts for your Holden vehicle.


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