Top Materials Used In the Manufacture of Mitsubishi Truck Grills

Posted on: 14 September 2017

A misconception newbie motorists may have about truck grills is that they are merely a cosmetic vehicle accessory that is mounted on their car's bumper. The truth is although Mitsubishi truck grills will complement the overall aesthetic of their vehicle, their primary purpose is to ensure that the car has additional reinforcement in the event of a crash. When purchasing a truck grill, it is not uncommon to find motorists focusing on the design as this would play a significant role in how the grill will match the appearance of their vehicle. Nevertheless, it is also crucial to bear in mind which material would be best suited for your car. Below are the top materials used in the manufacture of Mitsubishi truck grills.

Billet aluminium grills

Billet is one of the most readily available materials that are utilised in the fashioning of truck grills. Before the fabrication process can begin, the billet grill comprises a solid bar of aluminium. It should be noted that the aluminium used is aircraft-grade and not the regular aluminium used for low impact applications. Metal fabrication is then employed to create the desired design to suit various types of vehicles. Billet grills remain a popular solution for motorists, as they are highly resistant to oxidation, so you would not have to worry about premature corrosion. Additionally, billet grills are considerably lightweight, but this does not impede their ability to provide your vehicle with collision protection.

Stainless steel grills

Stainless steel is one of the heavier materials that you could contemplate for your truck grill, making it the ideal option for motorists who expect regular collisions. For instance, if you regularly engage in bundu bashing and other off-road recreational activities, the stainless steel truck grills would be a viable solution for your vehicle. In addition to collision protection, these truck grills offer additional functionality to the vehicle by providing protection to the vehicle's radiator, preventing debris from making its way into the vehicle.

ABS grills

The primary material in ABS grills is plastic. Nevertheless, this does not translate into a weak truck grill. Once the grill is plastic moulded into the desired shape, it is then coated with metallic substances to give it the appearance and texture of a regular metallic truck grille. ABS truck grills are a great addition to your vehicle as they have a high shock absorbency, which means they will significantly lessen the impact during front-end collisions. Moreover, ABS is not only used in the manufacture of truck grills but is also the go-to material for other auto accessories, for example bumper covers. Therefore, you can use this material on your vehicle in multiple ways.

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